Can a Virtual Assistant help you with recruitment?

The recruitment process is one of the most important task for a company, no matter its size. People are the heart of every business and to grow, one needs the best talents out there.
A bad recruitment process costs money, time and most of all, company’s growth.
However, not many entrepreneurs have money to pay a recruitment company, but, the risks are the same despite your budget limitations – that’s where a virtual assistant might come handy.

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

First, if you’re not familiar with this term, let me clear that a Virtual Assistant is a person dedicated to help you with administrative tasks that are time-consuming, so that you can dedicate yourself in tasks you’re good at and are more money-generating.

How can a VA help you?

A Virtual Assistant will help you with the first stage of a recruitment process which is defining the vacancy profile.
Sometimes executives have no idea of the qualifications needed to fill that post and a Virtual Assistant can help with that.
Secondly, a VA can help you with the most time-consuming phase… the candidates profile scan.
There’s a lot of people looking for job and you can sure expect a heavy load of applications and they must be analyzed with attention to narrow down the number of suitable candidates for an interview.
A VA will also gather information to build the candidates profiles in a digestible way so you can make your best choice.
However, not every Virtual Assistant can perform HR work. You must look for those who have the necessary knowledge in the field. Despite being cheaper, you can’t afford to have someone mishandling the most important process to your company.
If you’re interested in this service, our founder Velsoma Cumbana has certifications on Recruitment and is able to help you and your needs.
Check her credentials and full profile in HR, here.
Hope you found this article helpful.
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