Why your marketing business isn’t growing

Why your marketing business isn’t growing? That’s a million dollar question you may be asking.

Since the pandemic started, people seemed to be running for digital marketing solutions faster than ever… and, some may have been left feeling they’re the ones left behind.

Haven’t you gained more clients? Your current clients didn’t want to increase work? Or worst, have you been loosing clients?

Well, this article might be useful to you. Come and find out what you might be doing wrong and how you can correct it. Let’s dive in!

  • You’re lacking positioning

Indeed, people are running towards marketing agencies… but, since this is a new field, they won’t be trusting anyone. So, whoever isn’t showing up, doesn’t seem to be trustworthy to take care of my image.

What can you do? Show up! Let us know who you are (as company) and what you do… What do you know? How can you help me?

These are questions that must be answered when I click on your page and website. Just be present and show you’re capable!

  • You’re too dependant

Some marketing business tend to focus on one type of business and boy, didn’t coronavirus taught us something?

It’s important to specialize in one area, but let your portfolio breathe and find other challenges and segments so you’ll be safe whenever something happens.

This means you might need to look for people to help, so you can gain experience – Yes! – perhaps you’ll need to work for free, to break in inside a new market. But it’ll worth it.

  • You need an update

That’s a kind way of saying you might be a little bit rusty!

Let’s admit it… we all find ourselves in a position where we feel blocked and might be the time to admit whe need help, a pair of fresh eyes and to stop blaming everyone else.

Find someone who is thriving and ask for advices. What are they doing or not doing that you’re not?

  • You’re ignoring small steps

Yes! I am trying to say you’re running faster than your legs can stand. You want to go mainstream, catch big fishes and you’re ignoring the importance of taking a step at a time.

You need consistency… you need experience… you need dversity…

When working with marketing, each client becomes a canvas of ourselves. A portrait of what we are capable to do. Don’t rush! Go step by step. You’ll seen and learn how to navigate from one client to another. How to use a small account to reach bigger ones.

I hope all of this has made sense to you and has been helpful to open your eyes.

If you need any help with any of these points, let me know – velsoma@velmais.webste.


See you!